A new craft

I tried a new craft today, locker hooking.  It was FUN!  It’s a little like crocheting through canvas.  A definite thumbs up!  If you are a crafty creative kind of person, visit Color Crazy. There are several free videos that show how to, and some of the different ways you can use the locker hook technique to create beautiful things.  They have kits, some designed for the newbie, as well as all the supplies you might need.  You can use fabric strips, yarn, or whatever you find.  Try recycling jeans or t shirts for something fun.

Here’s a picture of my first locker hooking project, a stripped trivet with inset yellow tile.  Looking forward to making another… 🙂  This is something I want to get better at.

trivet w/inset tile

trivet w/inset tile



TGIS, Thank Goodness It’s Sunday

Did a slight name change with the blog.  I will be posting more things about crafts and such.  It’s all part of “J’s Healthy Living”.

…. to be continued.  🙂

Never Give Up… There’s Always a Way

I’m sharing this with my son. His struggles of late have been huge. Weather you are talking physical or mental well being, it may be a goal of some kind, perhaps you are depressed for one reason or another….. “Never Give Up”! THANK YOU Bob for your words. You inspire me every day. Xo

Peak Performance Mindset via Bob Choat


“…never give in, never give in, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense.” ~Winston Churchill from his 1941 speech given at Harrow School

That famous speech by Winston Churchill set a tone of finding a way to win in the face of adversary by never giving in. This helped to inspire those at the school as well as the people of Great Britain during WWII. Those times were quite challenging and scary, especially for the children.

Each one of us may face challenges that are both great and small.  And many times we may have thoughts of giving up.  Struggles happen.  We can look upon them as something that will stop us from moving forward or we can look at them as an opportunity to learn.  For myself, I choose the latter.

If you’re in…

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let the healthy living continue

The 10 Day Detox is done.  It’s actually been done for several days now.  I feel more confident, energetic and ready than ever.  At the grocery there is more attention to labels.  At home my son is eating better.  I will never eat the same again.  THANK YOU so much Bob Choat and Dr. Lori Shemek, and also Dr. Mark Hyman, for the support during this detox phase.  I have lost 8 pounds during the 10 day period.  My pants are way lose.  I simply feel better.  The one thing I would do different is exercise.  The exercise habit did not come in to play so much during the detox.  That is the next big thing on the journey to better health for me.  Developing better exercise habits! Since the detox ended I have added two new books to the library.  Both books are by Dr. Hyman.  One is the original Blood Sugar Solution book, and the other is the cook book.  More tools for the journey to better health.  Keep following this blog for more updates. ~feeling good 🙂

Day 7 (nurture)

I like that this falls on a Sunday.  🙂

I’m feeling so good today.  Not a headache or wish I had in site.  At the start of this detox journey I had those thoughts of can’t wait to have that caffeine, or that sugar, in 10 days.  Now I am looking forward to keeping this feeling going.  These feelings of health, of being a better version of me, setting an example for my son, and of living longer…. I could go on and on.

Today, to nurture, I like to be crafty every day.  It’s a form of therapy, and much cheaper (in most cases).  As my late husband would say, it keeps me out of the taverns.  Not that I was ever a tavern kind of person…  Being crafty keeps my mind busy, keeps my hands busy.  My obsession is rug hooking, not latch hook, but rug hooking.  This craft goes back a very long time.  Picture older rugs that you might see on a floor of a rustic cabin.  For some reason Little House on the Prairie comes to mind.  It’s really quite artistic.  I also like to crochet, knit some, loom, latch hook, and will try most anything crafty.

I would suggest to anyone on this detox journey to be crafty.  If you aren’t already, look around and see what type of crafts grab your interest.  You’ll find working with your hands, keeping them busy, is a great tool in the quest to lose weight and be a healthier person.  It’s a great way to nurture your soul, and that’s what day 7 is about.

Remember: Like I said, it’s cheaper than therapy!

Have a wonderful, relaxing, and healthy Sunday!

half way

Day five, check. The half way point has come and now gone. Today I have felt good. I can feel the detox detoxing. I have discovered that detox and PmS do not go well together, but can be survived. Is it possible to feel both energized and sluggish at the same time? I now believe it is. It’s not been bad at all with no sugar. I see this behavior sticking around. All the new habits that are forming will stick around.
~feeling good


I’m doubting myself.  Since I had lunch today, this feeling has been growing.  Can I do this right?  Am I doing this right?  Am I strong enough?  I’m doubting myself.  I am doubting everything.  Am I setting a good example for my son?  I’m not even sure what to type here.  I’m doubting that.  I’ll type a little, erase it, try again…erase that.  I’m following the detox.  I feel it doing the job.  Yet still I doubt.  One thing, I’m able to write this.  In the past I would keep it all in and let my self doubt stop me.  I won’t let that happen.  Still, I doubt.

Our tv is 15+ years old and giant.  It’s blurry on the top part, the screen keeps adjusting size all by itself.  Today I was at the store getting more smoothie supplies, and saw a 50″ Samsung SmartTV on clearance.  Great deal.  So I got it and a stand for it to sit on.  Now I feel awful.  That was a lot of money to spend.  The tv we have still works.  For how much longer, only the man above knows.  But it works.  Should I have waited til this one was fully gone?  Does buying this tv set a good example for my son?  The doubt began, and spread, and is still spreading.

I worry about the way I keep house.  It’s picked up, but should be better.  Frazier deserves a spotless home.  Heck, I deserve it!  But can I achieve it?  Can I be more organized at home?  I don’t know.  I doubt!

I don’t know what to do to get past this growing feeling.  I’m thinking a nice long detox bath.  But…. Can I let go and enjoy it?  I doubt.  AHHHHHHHHHH

~feeling unsure

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